The Blood and Brain @ Caen-Normandy Institute (BB@C) is a Scientific Interest Group aiming to develop the clinical solutions of the future. Connecting 9 start-ups and preclinical CROs, 4 university research laboratories, 3 technical platforms and 1 patient cohort population registry, BB@C is a unique and competitive structure at the forefront of research and innovation in the field of blood-brain interactions.

By joining forces with BB@C, STROK@LLIANCE and ETAP-Lab are taking another step forward in their commitment to ensuring that the drugs of the future are the outcome of high-quality research! Sharing the single founding principle of translational research, we hope that this partnership will enable us, more than ever before, to bring all our preclinical expertise in Stroke – and in Neuroscience more broadly – to contribute to the development of new therapeutic solutions.