Back to the Strok@lliance Second Annual Meeting

Post-stroke deficits and recovery from bench to patient’s bed

This year again, Strok@lliance aimed at bridging the gap between laboratory and clinical practices. The event occured at the Maison de la Chimie, the 5th of June 2018, and gathered nearly 40 participants, mainly coming from the industry.

During the conferences, key opinion leaders in the field of stroke enlightened the reality of post-stroke deficit evaluation and rehabilitation in both the setting of clinical trials and medical cares. Among them, Pr Serge Timsit talked about stroke modelling in preclinic: bridging the gap from bedside to bench. Whereas, Pr Alain Yelnik shared his knowledge about motricity stimulation strategy for stroke recovery in clinic.

It was also the opportunity for Strok@lliance’s team to share some innovative behavioral tests and research strategies in rodents, supporting the major impact of preclinical research on the design of clinical studies.

Take a look at the event videos and see you next year for the Strok@lliance 3rd annual meeting !